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Hill's VetEssentials Diet - Feline Kitten 1.5kg

Hill's VetEssentials Diet - Feline Kitten 1.5kg

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Veterinary Exclusive. Advanced nutrition for healthy growth and development with strong immunity. High in clinically proven antioxidants and DHA.

Hill’s™ VetEssentials is a multibenefit cat food that addresses the top 5 essential health needs of cats in every lifestage.


Hill’s has been helping pets achieve lifelong health for over 70 years. Quality, taste and innovative nutritional advances for better pet health are our highest priorities. With your pet’s best interests in mind, Hill’s has developed the following unique technologies to include in our pet foods:


Weight Management Technology
Hill’s™ VetEssentials NeuteredCat Young Adult formulas include Hill's breakthrough weight management technology to help keep your neutered cat at an ideal healthy weight.
The unique blend of ingredients and low fat content that make up the weight management technology helps your neutered cat avoid the typical weight gain after spay or neuter surgery and maintain lean body mass. Clinically proven to support calorie burning, this weight management technology promotes ideal weight for a better quality of life.


Unique kibble with teeth-cleaning action
Hill’s™ VetEssentials cat foods for Young and Mature Adult cats make special use of unique kibble technology to keep teeth clean and breath fresh.
Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar, help freshen breath and reduce the long-term risk of gum disease, this technology was developed after years of dedicated research with the goal of keeping your cat in the best of health. Special fibres help the kibble stay in contact with the tooth surface all the way to the gumline, providing a unique gentle scrubbing action which scrapes away bacteria-laden plaque and tartar as your cat chews. The result is fresh breath and bright clean teeth to support your cat’s overall dental health.


Kittens experience a world of changes during their phases of growth and development – growing up is a lot of work! Kittens need a great deal of energy and protein to create new cells, along with balanced mineral levels to ensure healthy growth. The right amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are proven to benefit healthy brain and eyesight development, while a wealth of antioxidants supports developing immune systems. Kittens need easily digestible food, gentle on tummies and delicious enough to give a great first solid food experience.